Matteo Mussini

Founding Partner

Matteo Mussini is Founder and Co-Managing Partner of MUST & Partners. Since 2007 he advises corporate stakeholders on EU public affairs in a wide range of policy areas, from transport to energy, from sustainability to economic policies and all things digital. An Italian mother tongue, he speaks fluently English, Spanish and French.

Luciano Stella

Founding Partner

Luciano Stella is the Founder and Co-Managing Partners of MUST & Partners . Prior to founding MUST & Partners, Luciano has worked as an adviser in the European Parliament. He lectures about European lobby at the University of Salento, SIOI, LUMSA, Aforisma, Confindustria and Il Sole 24 Ore. He has been ranked in BestinBrussels top 150 Public Affairs Consultants for 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Annamaria Abbafati

Director of Policy

Annamaria Abbafati is the Policy Director of MUST & Partners. She coordinates the Policy Department and follows the main portfolios, managing primarily the digital issues. Involved in social matters, she has coordinated a civic movement and an association of her territory. She speaks Italian, English and French. She is passionate about hiking and radio news.

Matteo Albania

Director of Communications

Matteo Albania is the Communications Director of MUST & Partners. He has over 10 years’ experience in strategic and digital communications, with a focus in political and electoral campaigns. He speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. In his free time he likes to bounce on and off basketball courts.

Irene Fucà

Policy Advisor

Irene Fucà is Policy Advisor at MUST & Partners. She follows the transport, mobility and energy portfolios. Born in Agrigento, Irene has always been intrigued by cultures from the other shores of the Mediterranean. She loves portraying faces and landscapes, playing the traverse flute and swimming.

Chulani Sakuntala Mahagamage

Policy Advisor & Office Coordinator

Chulani Mahagamage is Policy Advisor & Office Coordinator at MUST & Partners. She focuses on transportation, monitoring closely the European aviation sector, and financial policies. She attended a Master in European Studies at the prestigious LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome. Chulani is passionate about humanitarianism and volunteers for a non-governmental organization based in Rome.

Giaime Marzo

Special Counsel

Giaime Marzo is Special Counsel at MUST & Partners. Giaime has a civil law and american common law studies background. He has almost 20 years’ experience in investment banking, strategic advisory and public affairs in EU and USA, with a focus in South Eastern Europe, where he advised major corporations and businessmen . He speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish, and he understands written and spoken Bulgarian and Romanian. His hobbies are cooking, history, wine tasting and real time strategic video games.

Claudio Campetta

External Advisor

Claudio Campetta is External Advisor at MUST & Partners. He is an expert in corporate and Tax law, especially in extraordinary and ordinary corporate management operations, with a focus on merger, division and liquidation operations. He also works as fiscal and administrative-audit consultant, drafting business plans for start-ups. At MUST he is an economic and corporate adviser.

Andrea Pedrazzini

External Advisor

Andrea Pedrazzini is External Advisor at MUST & PArtners. He is an international and creative Executive in Digital Communication, Marketing and Business Strategy. His experience covers Marketing Management and Brand Strategy leadership roles for Medtronic, Galbani and Unilever, overseeing the international marketing mix of products in a diverse set of industries spanning from medical devices to food.

Federico Bassano

Policy Advisor

Federico Bassano is a Policy Advisor at MUST & Partners, graduated in International Relations with a joint master's degree between Italy and the Netherlands. Currently, his primarily focus is on energy taxation and financial matters. Beyond his professional career, he is an enthusiast of sports and cinema. For him the challenges and competitiveness of sports are a source of inspiration, while cinema is seen as an opportunity for escape and reflection. He speaks Italian, English and French.