Our Services

Policy Services

Our extensive knowledge of EU policies allows us to offer to you a variety of high-level services

Stakeholder Mapping

We identify the political and institutional actors that play a key role in the legislative matter of interest. Mapping requires an in-depth knowledge of European institutions' dynamics and articulation.

Daily Legislative & Media Review

We take care of monitoring the broad legislative and media debate on the topic, informing the client daily about the most important developments. This is a careful selection in the magnum sea of European technical news.

Tailor-Made Reports

We produce detailed reports on dossiers of interest. These reports can be weekly or monthly, and are a key tool in lobbying as they provide insight into the timing of action.

Proactive Public Affairs

We offer clients the opportunity to participate effectively in the EU public debate by proposing a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening the lobbying strategy in place on the specific dossier.

Regulatory Drafting

We support the client in the drafting of useful texts to suggest technical solutions that fit effectively into the intense negotiations on dossiers of interest.

Digital Library

We help the client to organise a digital library of all relevant documentation for each dossier monitored.

Communication Services

Next to our Policy services, we master digital communication and media relations at EU level.

Digital Communication

We offer consultancy services for social media positioning to companies and leadership figures, including political and institutional actors. Support for online communication is also offered in the run-up to election campaigns or for specific communication needs. We also offer our expertise in managing communities and developing efficient online advertising campaigns.

Media Relations

The media world in Brussels works with different logic than the national one. The European institutions are the crossroads of correspondents from the main European newspapers and media outlets as well as the main European news sources. Maintaining relations with the press corps in Brussels is of paramount importance in order to be able to convey one's messages regarding events or parliamentary initiatives.

Training and Education

Our Communication Team offers training and coaching sessions on various communication topics. From public speaking to media training, speechwriting and social media training on specific platforms, our training courses are tailor-made to the client's needs and can be conducted either in person or online.

Corporate and Internationalization services

Our team provides expert local market knowledge across multiple jurisdictions to help businesses scale quickly.

Incorporation, Compliance, Dissolution

We provide support to your business by making sure you are compliant and you can safely navigate through regulatory complexities. We make sure your business is fully compliant every step of the way

Regulatory updates and HR support

Our model focuses on building long-lasting relationships that allow you to be up to date with the latest regulatory framework. We also offer high-level HR support.

Accounting and GDPR compliance

We take care of procedures that are often burdensome but nonetheless essential to make your business compliant and fully up and running. We offer support in managing and organizing your accounting as well as making your company fully GDPR compliant.